Mrs. Gehle's Reading Class

Political Issues Stations

Over the next two days, you will be working your way through four stations. Look at the directions at each station for complete instructions, but here are the links you may need to complete the activities:

Station 1: Moodle Discussion Forum
Mrs. Gehle’s Reading Class Moodle Page
(Click the “Today in Class” toggle bar to find the discussion forums.)

Station 2: Issue Focus – Immigration
First, read the article in Junior Scholastic.
Then, you can use these resources to gather more information.
The Peopling of America (from The Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.)
“The Other Border: Immigration Policy Divides the Latino Community” article from the Cville Weekly (July 31, 2012)

Station 3: Electoral College 101
(online resources not needed)

Station 4: Win the White House
Play Win the White House on (You do not need to log in.)

Author: Mrs. Gehle

Social Studies Teacher, Charlottesville High School

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