Summer Reading!

Today we’re going to take some time to plan some summer reading using the recommendations on fellow student blogs and come home with a list of books to read.  We’ll also visit the public library website and see how to put books on hold and have them delivered to your nearest branch.

It might also be fun to revisit some of the other book blogs that we used as inspiration back when we were first blogging.

I hope you’re all looking forward to some relaxing summer reading days… I know I am!

Last Day of Presentations!

First Period:
Sydney L. – Documentary – Mammal Emotions
Wyatt H. – Website – The Mushroom Cloud
Dani S. – TED Talk – 3D Printing
Chloe L. – Website – Finger Monkeys
August L.- Website – rEvolutionary
Chris M. – Website -Important Elements
Rosalee K. – Website – Ink for Fur
Grace M.-G. – Documentary – The Endangered Polar Bear

Second Period:
Drew D. – TED Talk – The U.S. Mint
Salma G. – Website – The Best Bakeries
Rowan B. – Documentary – Punk Rock
Noah S. – Website – Myths of Poseidon
Jack H. – Website – Supernovae
Weedor K. – Website – Basketball
Anna G. – TED Talk – The Ice Age

Fourth Period:
Sydney A. – Documentary – The Titanic
Susannah B. – Documentary – Boston Latin School
Nick G. – Documentary – Unexplained Disappearances
Olivia B. – Documentary – Queen Mary
Hallie P.-S. – Documentary – Atlantis
Josh R. – Website – The World’s Best Soccer Players

Presentations Day 4

First Period
Conor F. – Website – America in World War II
James O. – Documentary – Axolotl
Emma H. – Website – Squirrel Monkeys
Chet M. – Website – Tesla Roadsters
Gogo B. – Website – Catfish
Mika H. – Documentary – Superstitions
Adam S. – Website – There Goes Your Job: Industrial Robots
Kennan M. – Documentary – The Effects of Laughter
Grace M. – Documentary – Polar Bears and the Arctic Climate

Second Period
Thomas Parmenter – Documentary – Jazz
Joe H. – Website – 3D Printing
Lena K. – TED Talk – Impact of World Events on the Olympics
John E. – TED Talk – Skiing
Anna M. – TED Talk – Pele: The Hawaiian Fire Goddess
Adam M. – Website – BIOME Car
Nick S. – TED Talk – To Save Our Planet: Asteroid Impacts
Eliot B. – TED Talk – The Big Bang Theory
Conor S. – Website – The FIFA 2010 World Cup

Fourth Period
Hunter R. – Documentary – Chameleons
Eliot S. – Website – The Spanish-American War
Sahara C. – Website – Mode Muse: Art and Fashion
Anna B. – Website – Endangered Wild Cats
D.J. C. – Website – Radon
Gage W. – Website – Venice
Uziel G. – Website – The Theory of General Relativity

Presentations Day 3

First Period:
Elke P. – Documentary – Coca Cola’s Marketing Strategies
Zoie N. – TED Talk – Preserving Coral Reefs

Fourth Period:
Ella M. – Documentary – Wolves: The Risk of Extinction
Stella R. – Documentary – Wonder Woman
Will I. – Website – Flying Frogs
Isaac V. – TED Talk – The Peaceful Vikings
Walker C. – Website – Wonder Birds
Sophie B. – Website – Nessie Notes
Lewis T. – TED Talk – Great Roman Generals
Cassie H. – Documentary – Early Horror Films

Presentations – Day 2

1st Period:
Yakob D. and Jack A. – Documentary – Mythbusters: Poisoning Achilles and Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver
Cole F.- TED Talk – Capitalism
Penny S. – Documentary – Bioluminescence
Rachel B. – TED Talk – Bound to Repeat It? What Americans Know About History
Arin S. – Website – Do Capuchins make good pets?

2nd Period:
Patricia Q. – Documentary – Mesopotamia
Frances N.- TED Talk – The Influence of the Jimmy Carter Center in Africa
Arlie S. – Documentary – The War of the Roses
Thomas P. – Documentary –
Wayt T. – Website – Apollo 11

4th Period:
Ella M. – Documentary – Why are wolves going extinct?
Evelyn M. – Website – What is Esperanto?
Althea L-W – TED Talk – Marie Antoinette

Presentations – Day 1

Please join me in my support and admiration of these brave souls who signed up to present on the first day. For most students, making a website, video, or TED Talk was a completely new experience and I have stressed that this is about taking a risk and trying something new. Great job! (I’ll be filling in second and fourth periods later as students are ready to present.)

First Period:
Sam L. – Website – The Cosmic Space Spuds (AKA Asteroids)
Ace S. – TED Talk -The Invasion of Normandy
Kaleb C. – Website – World War Weapons

Second Period:
Talia M. – TED Talk – Sophie Scholl
Joe V. – Website – The Battle for Elephants
Margaret L. – Website – Save the Climate
Eve K. – TED Talk – Natural Horsemanship

Fourth Period:
Jamar M. – Website and TED TAlk – The Focal Point

Don’t forget that everyone needs to turn in a final written paper (one-page abstract) and bibliography tomorrow (Friday, May 31).

Reading SOL is Friday!

Please get some good sleep this week and eat a nice healthy breakfast on Friday morning.
The main thing I want you to do is to relax and be confident. You are ready!

We’ll be reviewing some basic test-taking strategies on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you will feel better after reviewing a few things, there are also several sets of flashcards that you can use to review on Quizlet. If using these flashcards produces any anxiety whatsoever, please don’t do it! I know that you are well-prepared.

We’ll also be using this link from the Department of Education to preview the testing software and practice the new “Technology Enhanced Items.”

Research Presentation Ideas

It’s almost time to decide how to present your research.  Will you present a TED Talk, documentary movie, or website?

1.  One choice is to make a documentary movie using WeVideo, a free cloud-based video editing application.  We’ll work with you in school to set up an account and get you started, but here are a couple of videos so you can see how it works:

2.  If you choose to make a website, you’ll use Weebly.  Click the link to explore the site or watch this video to get the idea:

3.  You could also choose to deliver a TED Talk to the class.  The best way to get ready to do this is to watch as many TED Talks as you can.  You also may want to prepare a PowerPoint or Prezi to go along with your talk.

Interesting fact:  The TED organizers send presenters a stone tablet engraved with the TED Commandments.  Some of them apply to you too!