“Current Events Expert” Requirements

Choose an article from Junior Scholastic, Time for Kids, or another approved news source. Write a blog post that shares the information you learned from that article and gives your own response or reaction. A good-quality “Current Events Expert” post will be at least 8-10 sentences long. Here is a link to a planning sheet that you can use before you start writing.

Your “Current Events Expert” post must contain the following:
1. the main idea of article,
2. a summary of the article’s supporting details,
3. your personal reflection on the article,
4. something you want to know more about after reading this article, and
5. a biliographic citation of the article(use Easy Bib).

Suggestions for your “personal reflection:”   Why did you find the article interesting? Who should know the information in this article?   Why?   Can you make a connection between the information in this article and something else you know or have read?

You can also look for helpful images or maps to help explain the article’s topic. Use the suggested image search sites and be sure to include the images’s URL at the bottom of your post.

Approved News Sources:
Sweet Search 2Day — Great source!
Junior Scholastic and Time for Kids (We have hard copies in the classroom.)
Here There Everywhere – News For Kids
National Geographic News
Places in the News Now – from the Library of Congress
Tween Tribune – World News
Tween Tribune – National News

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