Vocabulary – Stems and Review Games

Here are some vocabulary challenge games. Use your stems knowledge!
Free Rice — Answer vocabulary questions to earn food for the World Hunger Programme.
Knoword Vocabulary Game
SAT Vocabulary in Context

Here are a few games where you can test your root word knowledge:
Break It Up – Isolating a Word Root – Game 1
Break It Up – Isolating a Word Root – Game 2
Root Word Meaning Match – Game 1
Root Word Meaning Match – Game 2

Here’s a link to all Quizlet flashcard sets for stems. You can use the site without logging in.

Stems Vocabulary Program Information for Parents:
We will be studying roots, prefixes, suffixes and the other “stems” that make up English language words. This will be a challenging vocabulary program in which students will memorize a new set of twenty-five “stems” every two weeks. They will be assigned homework that will help them remember the meaning of and apply each stem. We will have a cumulative Stems Quiz approximately every two weeks.

Students will find their own best ways of studying this material and are encouraged to do so. I have always found that flashcards are a highly effective means of memorization. With this in mind, I have created a class set of “Stems Vocabulary” flashcards on Quizlet. Students can access these flashcards (and associated games) from any computer or print out paper flashcards to keep handy.

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